Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The new movie MacHeads is now available on iTunes and Amazon.  It started out as a film talking about the most fanatical of devoted Mac fans.  What other computer could create such a devoted following?  It is interesting to see some of the examples of Mac devotees that make me look moderate.  I love my Mac and using a PC often feels like a punishment every time I have to sit down and work on one.  But some of these guys are really passionate about their computers.

Later in the film the focus shifts on to what Jobs has done for the company and nearly deifies him.  I like Jobs and wish him well in his recovery and hope he does return to Apple to lead the company into creating some more insanely great products and keeping Apple growing while he grooms a replacement that will be as capable as Steve Jobs.

The films most important point is the feeling the Mac community is falling to the wayside as Apple becomes more mainstream and as a company Apple is starting to ignore the Mac User Groups (MUGS).  

While Apple is focusing more on their retail stores and providing access to their Genius' to answer questions I don't think the Mac User Group will ever go away.  In the 21st Century Mac User Groups will just have to market themselves differently.  This will be a future blog topic I am sure.  When the Las Vegas Mac Users Group (LVMUG) contacts our local Apple Store they are always happy to send someone to talk to us about new products that have shipped or existing products  that may be of interest to our users.  

Overall with a runtime of just over 50 minutes it is an interesting film that all Mac lovers are sure to enjoy.  

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